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Divya Music operates online Music store and online Dance store for selling the best quality products in music and dance at affordable cost prices. Divya Music store was initially established to help the students (of music and dance courses) buy the high quality musical instruments and dancing accessories at reasonable prices, which was made possible due to the special institutional level selling arrangements made directly with the musical instruments manufacturers and dance accessories manufacturers. The benefits of the discounted prices (manufacturer level cost price) purchase was later extended for every one in addition to the Divya Music students. Anyone can now buy musical instruments and dance accessories from Divya Music promoted 'Divya Vadya' branded E-store at lower costs in comparison with the listed market prices.


Divya Music facilitates the online Music store for the convenience of anytime, anywhere shopping search online to buy Indian music instruments and western / global musical instruments, modern music gadgets, latest music accessories, best-selling books on music, top music magazines, detailed music notations, entire range of music albums, Music CDs, vocal and instrumental music lessons DVDs, books on dance, top dance accessories, Indian / western / global dance lessons DVDs, dance accessories, dance magazines, dance shoes, dance clothes - dance dresses and dance costumes, dancer's wear AND JUST EVERYTHING for music and dance lovers.

MUSIC STORE ONLINE : The music shop online by Divya Music lists the best musical instruments on sale, new / used/ second hand / old / rare music instruments on sale at affordable cost prices, cheaper - low cost Indian / Global musical instruments like Tabla, Sitar, Bansuri - Flute, Sarangi, Sarod, Santoor, Ghatam, Dholak, Shehnai, Harmonium, Mridangam, Guitar, Violin etc.

In addition to these the global / western musical instruments are available for sale at discounted rates like Synthesizer - Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Flute, mouth organ, Piano, drums etc. The music E-store also offers Karoke singing systems, audio players, big collection of books and magazines on vocal and instrumental music at discounts. Free or penny sale music notations are also available. The largest collection of reduced cost music albums, music CDs, special edition songs by male and female singers, chorus songs CDs, classical, semi classical, devotional and light music CDs are available for sale on the net. Folk and regional music CDs, DVDs on music learning instructions teaching how to sing and play music instruments with a music teacher / Guru, pre-recorded music and dance lessons are available. Special low priced editions of music albums - songs and music are on offer presented directly by the music album publishing companies, musicians, singers, event organizers etc and also on offer are musical instruments listed by the leading brand manufactures.

If you are looking for the best technology music gadgets and music accessories on the internet, search no further, Divya Music lists the entire range of the music gadgets and music accessories like CD / DVD players, Karoke singing systems, music stations, headphones, earphones etc. The special low priced music instruments, music gadgets, music books and budget music accessories for music courses students, children, kids and young adults are also worth searching from the searchable database and classified listing. Discounts are also available for musicians, singers and everyone from the music industry.

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DIVYA VADYA - DANCE ACCESSORIES E-STORE : The dance shop online by Divya Music lists the best dance accessories on sale, Kids dancewear at affordable cost prices, cheaper - low cost dance clothes and dance shoes, Indian classical dance costumes for children, school and college students, best books on dance and top magazines on dance, high quality dance shoes for women - ladies and young girls, tough dance shoes for gentlemen - young adults and special edition discounted Indian / western / global dance lessons instructions CDs / DVDs for learning how to dance in a particular dance style with details on dance steps, movements and dance postures. Discounts are available for professional dancers, dance students and everyone from the dance and music industry. Special accessories for Indian classical dances like Ghungroo, dancing bells, artificial jewellery, temple dance costumes and Temple Jewellery, belts, anklets, Juda with washable flowers and searchable collection of dance jewellery.

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